Three Indian cities among world top 75 business centres



According to a study titled ‘Mastercard Worldwide Centres of Commerce Index,’ Mumbai is ranked 48th. In terms of financial flow the presence of Mumbai (ranked 7) and Shanghai (ranked 9) reflects the growing importance of India and China in global financial markets.

With the Indian government keen on making Mumbai a bigger financial hub, it is expected that, with time, the city will leapfrog into the list of top 10 financial centres globally.


New DelhiNew Delhi


New Delhi and Bangalore have entered the top commercial cities’ index this year. The Indian capital is ranked at No. 61 among the world’s top commercial cities.

The index was extended from 50 cities last year to 75 cities in 2008. While Mumbai had been ranked at the 45th place in 2007, it has fallen three positions this year. While Mumbai and New Delhi did well in terms of ‘economic stability,’ they fared badly in ‘knowledge creation and information flows.’




India’s IT hub Bangalore is ranked 66th among the world’s top centres of commerce. Bangalore scored high on economic stability.


Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune are on the way to become financial hubs in next few years.


Only good Infrastructure can attract world class institutions to these cities as already world class people available there. So that should be top priority of Indian government and its people.



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