Mukesh ambani’s 2 Billion dollar Home – Antilla

Mukesh Ambani and his wifeWow! World’s fifth richest man, Mukesh Ambani is again in news for building world’s most expensive residence. Whilst in January ABC news revealed that the house would be worth $1 billion but now figures seem to have turned two-fold. This Mumbai-based petrochemical mogul of Reliance Industries is fortunate to have a floating wealth of $46 billion.

antilla1He is hoping that the completion of four-year construction of “Antilla” by coming January would tag world’s most expensive adobe to his name, thereby beating the lifestyle of billionaires like Warren Buffet who reside in reserved lodging. If you don’t know then this 27-story Mumbai Tower is positioned 550 feet into the sky with a bizarre 400,000 sq ft of internal space costing a total of $2 billion.

Some insights into the internal geography of the estate: With no two floors alike. Ambani wishes to have each floor developed using different blueprint, material, style and unique architectural essentials. In addition, the peculiar shape of the formation is the out result of his belief in Vaastu. At technical front, the lobby endows entrée to the home via nine elevators, and the detailed crystal-packed ballroom features mounted LCD monitors, a giant sound system and a retractable cabinet for artworks. It would also feature the wonderful feel of ice sauna inviting all family and guests to burn the heat away by bathing in a room filled with man-made snow. Also, the unusual home theater is another aspect worth noticing.


Some interesting facts about this 2 billion-dollor house:

  • 1. 3 helipads on top.
  • 2. Hanging gardens within the structure
  • 3. Swimming pool within the structure
  • 4. A two storey Health centre
  • 5. Parking space for 168 cars (6 floors).
  • 6. A floor exclusively for servicing these automobiles within the building.
  • 7. A floor for Home theatre – sitting capacity of 50 pax.
  • 8. Nearly staff of 600 to do the maintenance activities.
  • 9. Two-storeyed glass-fronted apartment for the Ambani family’s guests
  • 10. The four floors at the top, that will provide a view of the Arabian Sea and a superb view of the city’s skyline, will be for Mukesh, his wife Neeta, their three children and Mukesh’s mother Kokilaben.


  1. 1
    madmilker Says:

    did someone say….he wus building retail grocery stores in Peru…if so don’t tell Walmart*.

  2. 2



  3. 3
    maggy Says:


  4. 4
    V.Narayanaswamy Says:

    Hearty congratulations to Mukesh Ambani for building such a superb house. May he become the world’s richest man.

  5. 5
    Dali Mombo Says:

    Revolting! The gaudy rubbish looks cheap.

  6. 6
    nafiou Says:

    Hello Mr
    I am named FOTO nafiou I am a student in a football.
    So I want you sayings that I need help. maider if you can.
    thank you

  7. 8
    pratik mazumder Says:

    i’ll make much expensive home than this

  8. 9

    Hehe I’m actually the only comment to this amazing read?!

  9. 10
    RADHIKA Says:

    please…. ek bar visit ka chance dena.

  10. 11
    sanjay kumar sharma Says:

    u r thinking and ur aim is excellent.

  11. 12
    mandy Says:

    sir ,

  12. 13
    avinash Says:

    one day i will make more beautiful structure then this.

  13. 14
    avinash Says:

    one day i will make more beautiful structure then this.

  14. 15
    Rahul Hiwale Says:

    U r Great SIR & Best Luck For Ur Bright Future
    Plz..Ek Bar Visit Ka Chance Dena
    One Day I Will Make More Beautiful Stucture Then This.

    Karlo Duniya M……


  15. 16
    Rahul Hiwale Says:

    Best Luck Bright Future Sir,
    One day I will make more beautiful structure then this
    ek bar milne ka chance dena
    welcome my sweet home

    Karlo Duniya M….

  16. 17
    Anonymous Says:

    Ithokke enthu ???? ithokke cheruthu… 😀

  17. 18
    bhavik kakkad Says:

    hi mukesh ambani ,

    hru dear pls send me rent of house either leave my house

    and reliance nu account barabar joi leje nahi to resign karvo padse

  18. 19
    Ram Says:

    There are many brothers and sister in our county without basic need they can be brought up instead of building a big bungalow for tow or four of them …..

  19. 20
    raju Says:

    Purely waste of money. he could have spend this money for poor people

  20. 21
    raju Says:

    Purely waste of money. h c e could have spend this money for poor people

  21. 22

    Dear Sir,

    you r great , your sweat home is very attractive. actually i want visit your home.

  22. 23
    xyz Says:

    what a waste!
    these people want to outdo each other or what?
    obscene and reckless profligacy

  23. 24
    Gurdu durdu Says:

    His house needs more curry

  24. 25
    Gurdu durdu Says:

    I love curry give me more.

  25. 26
    Gurdu durdu shangarda Says:

    My brother Gurdu durdu is correct

  26. 27
    Sunil Yadav Says:

    Whole world Know Your are billionaire your are spending 2 billion for home but lot of person sleep roof less if you thing about this kind of person easily provided roof to the thousand of person i don’t have a exact idea but lac of press who don’t have roof got the roof from 2 billion.

  27. 28
    Anonymous Says:

    proud to be a gujrati bussinessman..

  28. 29
    depu Says:

    he one of world cheapest man in my opinon , hundrends of indians are without food and shelter , altleast look at neighbours (mumbai ) spend some money for those poor people

  29. 30
    jshankarrao Says:

    you are great and I telyou you we are in INDIA
    I am in INDIA

  30. 31
    kassim Says:

    hello sir ur house is great but plz help poor family also sir god will bless u this is my opinion thz and sorry for this message if i hert u

  31. 32
    Ashraf Says:

    u have only spent $ 2B of ur $46B any way congrats

  32. 33
    vijayan s Says:

    very prity and beatiful, privileges to his from business world, so this is not enough for his he must go to beyond this.

  33. 34
    Wale Coyote Says:

    That is one of the ugliest creations ever. I have seen much better homes than that. Also this looks like a deck of cards that will fall one day.

  34. 35
    kamalakkannan Says:

    it shows one man wealthy not for nation wealthy..

  35. 36
    kamalakkannan Says:

    our country so many peoples are not having the own house this money should spend people welfare ..not necessary 4700 crore building for 5 peoples…

  36. 37
    mohammed hussain Says:

    hi mr m ambani, like to see ur beautifull house if you can arrange the air ticket for me n i hope its penut for you sir,, thanks

  37. 38
    mohammed hussain Says:

    for me n my mrs

  38. 39
    Kinjal Says:

    Hi I am Kinjal from america. Just I want see your house if you give me permission. I hope I will get your reply. Please Thank you

  39. 40
    Indian Says:

    No matter what you make
    All that you can take
    Is what you give away
    There’s people on the street
    Ai’t got enough to eat
    You just shake your head
    The measure of a man is one who lends a hand…
    On the judgment day ull lose….

  40. 41
    Burhan Says:

    pls give me a chance to visit your beautiful house.

  41. 42
    meenu Says:


  42. 43
    sathish taminadu Says:

    realy your are great and u also one of my rolemodel

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