India’s mission to moon takes off in September

ISRO rocket launchIndia’s first mission to moon — Chandrayan-I — is tentatively scheduled to be launched on September 19 this year, Indian Space Research Organisation Chairman Madhavan Nair told newsmen in Hyderabad on Friday.

He said that all the preparations have been nearly completed and the exact date of the launch will be decided within a month. He described September 19 as the ‘earliest opportunity’ for the historic launch.

He was speaking on ‘Indian Space Programme – Future Perspectives’, during the National Technology Day lecture in Hyderabad, organised by the Andhra Pradesh Academy of Science and National Geophysical Research Institute.

The final stage of integration of instruments with the spacecraft was going on and test and evaluation was also in progress.

“The mission to moon, apart from other things, will help to map the moon,” Nair said.

Nair was confident that Chandrayan-I will expand the scientific knowledge about the moon and also upgrade the technological capability of India.

“Crores of years ago, a crumb from our planet spun off. Now, in a few months, we would be landing there to get back in touch with it again,” he said.

“In the next four years, India will be among the most developed nations in space research and development,” he said, pointing out that the launch of ten satellites simultaneously two months ago was a demonstration of this capability.

Talking about the future programmes of ISRO, Nair said five major satellites would be launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Research Center at Sriharikota island off Andhra Pradesh. They include Megha Tropiques, a Indo-French joint mission to study water cycle in tropics, Risat, a radar imaging satellite, ‘Astrosat’, a multi wavelength astronomy satellite and ‘Satellite Navigation IRNSS’.

He said the ISRO was also planning to send a mission to Mars in the future.

Pointing out that the ISRO has received two contracts for launching commercial satellites in the next two years, he said that Antrix Corporation, the commercial wing of the ISRO, was now doing a business of Rs 1,000 crore.



  1. 1

    Looking forward to the veritable floatilla of spacecraft headed to Earths Moon this year, all complementary to one another. I sincerely wsh ISRO all the best in helping end the long drought of dedicated exploration filled only with the blind eyes of Prospector, that, though blind, sent such a stream of data that we are still pouring over it, and already having such things as the solar wind stand-off properties of many magnetic anomalies confirmed, and much else in Kaguya(SELENE).

    The latter’s 5 meter resolution imagery can only be complemented by the half-meter resolution of the cameras assembled on the LRO. What has already been an exciting year in lunar exploraion is about to get even better.

    I hope ISRO will offer as much data as they can when Chandrayan-1 arrives and begins sending information back down to Earth.

    Thanks for sharing this news, wich we have been waiting patiently for for some time.

  2. 2
    Binu Says:

    It has been done, proud to be an Indian. 🙂

  3. 3
    vijay bhatt Says:

    good luck toall members of chandrayaan i want to latest pics of chandrayaan
    thank you

  4. 4

    Chandrayan 1 is a step forward in the direction of acquiring knowledge of things, in this world and beyond this world. Let India keep up the tempo by taking bold steps in search of knowledge. Moon is the begining and not the end. The end is things like Moon, Mars etc. and things like life, death, life beyond death, things within things and worlds within worlds. But let us always keep in mind that things like Chandrayans are the fruits of people’s efforts and devotion and not of those who have nothing but the MONEY to invest in such ventures. Glory of Chandrayan and all other research initiatives should belong to the the ordinary peoples, scientists, teachers etc., and it should not be hijaked to be prtrayed as the gift of Marketism, Liberlization, Capital-Investors.

    India should pave the way not only in showing how to search secrets of Moon etc. but also in showing the way how the people are freed of Marketism and its exploitative mechanism.

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