India’s top 10 pharma companies

Laboratory#1. Ranbaxy

The Indian pharmaceutical industry is the second-fastest growing industry sector in the country. It has shown a revenue growth of 27.32 per cent (as per the latest data available) to touch Rs 25,196.48 crore (Rs 251.96 billion) in 2006-07. The industry also saw Indian drug companies buying out many small firms the world over as they expand their reach, markets and muscle.

So when, Japanese drug firm Daiichi Sankyo on June 11 announced the acquisition of a majority stake of more than 50 per cent in domestic major Ranbaxy for over Rs 15,000 crore (Rs 150 billion), marking the largest ever deal in Indian pharma industry, it stunned the industry.

Ranbaxy is India’s largest pharmaceutical company with a 2007 turnover of Rs 4,198.96 crore (Rs 41.989 billion) by sales. The deal will create the 15th biggest drugmaker globally.

Daiichi would also make an open offer for an additional 20 per cent stake in Ranbaxy at a price of Rs 737 per share. This deal values Ranbaxy at about $8.5 billion. Malvinder Singh will continue as CEO and MD of the Ranbaxy, post deal too.

#2. Dr Reddy’s Laboratories

Dr Reddy’s Labs, with a 2007 turnover of Rs 4,162.25 crore (Rs 41.622 billion), is India’s second largest drug firm by sales.

#3. Cipla

Pharma major Cipla is India’s third largest pharmaceutical firm. Its 2007 revenues stood at Rs 3,763.72 crore (Rs 37.637 billion).

#4. Sun Pharma Industries

The Dilip Sanghvi-led Sun Pharma is the nation’s 4th largest pharma company at a 2007 revenue Rs 2,463.59 crore (Rs 24.635 billion).

#5. Lupin Labs

Lupin Labs is India’s 5th largest drugs firm. Its 2007 revenue was at Rs 2,215.52 crore (Rs 22.155 billion).

#6. Aurobindo Pharma

Aurobindo is India’s 6th largest pharma firm by sales. Its 2007 revenues stood at Rs 2,080.19 crore (Rs 20.801 billion).

#7. GlaxoSmithKline Pharma

GSK is India’s 7th largest drug company with a turnover of Rs 1,773.41 crore (Rs 17.734 billion) for 2007

#8. Cadila Healthcare

Cadila’s 2007 revenue was Rs 1,613.00 crore (Rs 16.13 billion), which makes it India’s 8th largest pharma firm.

#9. Aventis Pharma

Aventis Pharma, with a 2007 revenue of Rs 983.80 crore (Rs 9.838 billion) is the 9th largest Indian drug company.

#10. Ipca Laboratories

At a revenue of Rs 980.44 crore (Rs 9.804 billion), Ipca is India’s 10th largest pharma firm by sales.

Courtesy:- Rediff



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    VAMSI Says:

    thought is life ,this shows life in pharmaceuticals

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    AMRUTH Says:

    it’s need to build our life in nice …..

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    mohan Says:

    if pharma is not innovate …so many life close pharma is life for every one life ….pharma is forever

  4. 7
    umakant Says:

    i want to select in above top 10 pharma company
    experience 8m

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    After reading the article, I just feel that I really need more information on the topic. Could you suggest some resources ?

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    pharma is the food, water, air, and clothing of health sciences.long live pharma long live living beings.

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    Its a life saving job through upgrading doctors

  8. 12
    Dinesh Kukreti Says:

    are these rankings true ????

  9. 14
    Dinesh Kukreti Says:

    Please can someone arrange latest rankings as per org with Rx and turnover wise

  10. 15
    fasi Says:

    Pharma designs life

  11. 16
    shyam Says:

    i want to see one of our Indian company to be in top 10 companies of the world

  12. 17
    mohit sharma Says:

    artical is nice.I want india lead other country in pharma field. thanks 4 providing precious knowledge.

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  14. 19

    Artcile is interesting, but if this reflects 2006-2007 business, can somebody suggests where to read an update 2009, but also to go deeply to top 20 for exemple (Indian pharma companies). Thank you.

  15. 20
    battakiran Says:

    Hi Diana,

    Please go through below link for latest revenues of Indian pharmaceutical companies.

    Hope this helps you.

    • 21
      santhosh @ Cipla Says:

      Hi, Since long time i am searching to get the updated top pharma company from india. After searching i saw the reply you given to DIANA. It helps to me get the quick results. And, happy to see my Company Cipla in Top position.

      Thanking you…

      Santhosh@ Cipla

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    Davendra Bhatt Says:

    i wanna more information about india`s top 20 industry, plz gv me information.

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    i want more information in harma industry,and give me a advice to open a pharma company

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    arulmani Says:

    sir is mankind pharma company is generic or branded one

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    kushagra Says:

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    kamlesh Says:

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    Anonymous Says:

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    Kunal Says:

    Great honour for me to work in Lupin
    Lupin has tought me how to work in feild and interact with clients
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