Chiranjeevi’s star power dents Cong’s confidence

Megastar ChiranjeeviActor-turned-politician Chiranjeevi might maintain a stoic silence over his political plans but the Congress has already launched its attack.

State Marketing Minister M Mareppa is the most vocal and he’s targeting Chiru’s charities – blood and eye banks meant to help the poor.

“The blood banks are selling blood, not donating them. No one knows where the eyes are going. We want a white paper on his charities,” he says.

Chiru’s larger-than-life image is expected to help him make a considerable dent in the Congress’ vote bank when the state goes to polls next year. A worried Congress is trying to attack just that.

“Chiranjeevi must also show his remuneration from his acting years. How much has he earned and what is the income tax he has paid. He must declare all this before he contests elections,” says Mareppa.

Chiranjeevi and his party workers have chosen not to react to the Congress’ attack. But the mega star’s fans are angry.

“The Congress is behaving very badly. They’re obviously scared of Chiranjeevi’s entry into politics,” says one angry fan.

The political scene in the state is slowly re-aligning to accommodate the star’s entry. Telugu Desam Party MLA Devendra Goud called it quits with the party on Monday over differences with party chief Chandrababu Naidu on the issue of statehood for Telangana.

Speculation abound he is all set to join Chiranjeevi.

Courtesy :- IBN LIVE



  1. 1
    venkatram Says:

    I have and all the people in andhra pradesh have faith in chiranjeevis honesty in politics but every one knows what kind of dirty politics YSR IS PLAYING ONCE THEY GET KICKED BY THE PEOPLE THEN ONLY THEY WILL REALISE THAT THEY ARE PLAYING WITH FIRE.

    My advice to the mega star is you are you and be what you are you dont have to even shake ot shiver for this kind of petty politics please be brave and go ahead with your programme and launch the programme to start a new party sir chiranveevi.
    It is people like you who has to come to the rescue of the poor people or else the country will go to dogs,so we are all looking for the grand announcement of OUR party sir.


  2. 2
    battakiran Says:

    I too eagerly waiting for that announcement.

  3. 3

    chiru is next cm to andarapradesh.andhrapragesh people waiting for chiru

  4. 4
    jai chiru Says:

    JOIN to say JAI CHIRU at

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