Inspiring Menon, From Rs 50 to a Forbes billionaire!


Puthan Naduvath Chenthamaraksha Menon, or P N C Menon, chairman of the Rs 1,500-crore Sobha Developers Ltd, is one of the few dollar-billionaires in India. For the last two years, he has been listed in the Forbes list of billionaires (he is listed at number 754 in the last Forbes list of world’s billionaires).

Menon set up his empire in the Sultanate of Oman with just Rs 50 in hand. Through sheer hard work and some wise decisions, he has become one of the most successful businessmen from India. Today, his company has a presence in India, Dubai, and Oman.

Sobha Developers went public in November 2006. Today, more than 4,000 people are directly employed by Menon, in addition to the thousands more involved in the construction of his buildings.

As he diversifies his activities as a businessman, he is also in the process of developing the village he belongs to by adopting the 3,000-odd families which are below the poverty line.

At Vadakkancherry in Kerala, he has built a hermitage for old people and young widows, a school for children, and also a hospital for the villagers. He also runs the Sobha Tradesman Academy in Bangalore that trains people from economically backward villages in trades related to the construction industry.

In this interview taken at the Sobha Hermitage at Vadakkancherry, Menon speaks of how important it is for him to take care of his fellow beings.

Childhood in Kerala

I am from an agricultural family in Palghat in Kerala. As my father was into small business in Thrissur, I grew up there. I lost my father when I was 10 years old, and my grandparents were not educated enough to take care of his business. My mother also was ill. So, everything disappeared in a short period of time.

You can say I became an adult at the age of 10 or 12, and started taking decisions on my own from that age. It was a very unfortunate childhood; not a happy one at all.

I did not complete my graduation; I dropped out. If you ask me why, I don’t know. Probably I was in a hurry to be on my own. Like many children who come from a business background, working for somebody else was not there in my mind.

I started my own interior decoration business; small scale contract work of the interiors of houses and offices. It was nothing to write home about.

Chance meeting with an Arab

In 1976, I met this gentleman — Brig Gen Suleiman Al Adawy — in a hotel lobby in Kochi, quite accidentally. He had come to Kochi to buy a fishing boat. I had gone to the hotel for some other work. We happened to talk to each other, and after that, he said, Ours is a new country. There are a lot of opportunities. Why don’t you come over to my place? We will do something together?

Till then, I had not even heard of a place called Sultanate of Oman. (I went back home, took an atlas and located the place!)

In Oman, with Rs 50 in hand

I decided to accept his invitation. I took my passport and within two months, I was ready to fly to the Sultanate of Oman. I had only Rs 50 in my hand as, at that time, you were permitted to take only that much money with you.

But I was excited. There was no fear of uncertainty in my mind. I had always been sure of myself. I knew I would be able to do something there. I don’t know whether it is the right attitude, but I had that confidence in me. I may sound arrogant but I was confident because I had no role model.

Starting a business in Oman

We had many pre-conceived notions about the Arabs, like they are swimming in money, etc. But this man was only an officer in the army. He had no money to put in as capital to start a business. So, both of us went and borrowed 3,000 riyals from a bank as the initial capital and started our business.

We decided to do the interiors of buildings, a continuation of what I was doing in Kerala. It was an international market but I was only a street-side contractor. Street-side contractor means you had only a briefcase with you; not even a great office. I was like a fisherman, going to the sea to fish, going to the market to sell the catch and make a living. The beginning was very, very small.

Working hard and with confidence

It was tough initially, but I worked hard, really hard. Five things were against me: I was not professionally qualified. I did not have sufficient capital. I was in a new geographical location. I didn’t have sufficient contacts. And my communication skills were poor as I had studied in a Malayalam medium school.

So amidst all the negatives, it was like chasing dreams! Yet, even though I, my feet were firmly on the ground.

And although I had all the negatives stacked against me, my confidence level was very high. The ability to understand too was very high. I never settled for anything less than perfect.

Now I feel I had divine blessings.


Leader in the industry in Oman

I entered Oman in 1976, and in 1984, I was in the top 4. By 1986-87, my company, The Services and Trade Group of Companies, became a leader in the industry. Even now, I am the market leader there.

Remember, I was competing with European companies. Initially they looked at me as if I were a joker. But as I began to succeed, they started looking at me seriously.

Why, or how, I became the market leader was because I never transferred the money I made back to India. I invested all that in the expansion of the business.

I slowly built my enterprise in Oman. It was not easy building an enterprise; it was very, very difficult. It was like building it brick by brick, step by step. I was learning on the job with each passing day. Each step, you perfect it and go on to the next level.

‘Competing with myself’

I always compete with myself and in that competition I am a failure. There are two personalities here; the man with the requirement and the man who delivers. The man with the requirement demands a lot which the other man cannot deliver. That is why he is a failure.

I will be sixty this year-end (2008-end). Probably I may die without achieving what one part of me yearns for. There is always a gap in what you have achieved and what you plan to achieve.

From interiors to full structure

In 1986, I decided to be a full time builder. What I did was backward integration: from architecture to structural engineering to designs. We are probably the only backward integrated company of this size and type in the whole world.

From factory-building, we went to construct houses, and then to large commercial buildings. We also did private palaces in the Middle East.

I became a citizen of Oman a decade ago. From Oman, I moved to the United Arab Emirates.

Doing business in India

When I came to India to do business 14 years ago, it was to diversify the geographical spread. I chose Bangalore as our destination in India. I started Sobha Developers in my wife’s name. Because I had done even the palaces in the Middle East, I came with top-end knowledge. That was why we succeeded here too.

We have completed more than ten commercial projects on turnkey bases, covering 1.85 million sq ft. Forty residential projects have been completed and about 32 are in the process of completion.

Under contractual projects, we have built office buildings for Infosys, Timken, Taj, Mico, HP and Dell.

We went public in 2006. Now we are a Rs 1,500-crore company.

In the Forbes list of billionaires

I went to Oman to start a business with Rs 50 in my hand. Today, I am in the Forbes list of billionaires. In 2007, I was listed in the Forbes list. In the 2008 list also, I am there.

If you ask me how I felt, I would say, it was a very satisfying experience. Internationally, the tag has its advantages. If you do not have acceptance in the market place, you will not be able to continue as a businessman.

One has to admit that there are only 1,200 people in the world who are listed. So, it was a nice feeling.

The life of a billionaire

I live a good life and I don’t feel guilty about it. I have beautiful houses, beautiful cars and I have also ordered a private jet now.

However, after a point, money cannot be the motivating factor. Money is only a byproduct of success. Success for me is. . . well, if I am at step 10, then I see success at step 20. So, success is infinity for me; it never ends.

I come from a middle class family and I still have those middle class values.

Dreams of a billionaire

My first ambition is I want to prove that in India, we have a global Indian company in the real estate and construction industry. I want people from anywhere in the world to look at my buildings and say, what a building! What construction!

My target for this global Indian company is 2011. My dream volume: 10million sq ft of buildings, and 10 million sq ft of infrastructure. I am confident we will achieve that dream.


I plan to get into the hospitality business. In the next seven years, I should have 4,000 rooms operational within and outside India.

I am also getting into the retail business. I want to set up home stores where you can buy everything for a home, other than grocery and clothes. You need a minimum 50,000 sq ft to set up each such store.

I am already in to information technology. I have a 1,000-people company called Sobha Renaissance Information Technology in Bangalore.

I am also targetting trading and investments.

But my primary verticals will be construction, infrastructure, retail and hospitality.


Social responsibility

By giving something back to the society, I don’t feel I am doing a favour. I am not doing any charity. It is my responsibility. You are part of a society where 400 million people are extremely poor. When you create wealth, a portion of that wealth has to necessarily go to these people who are right at the bottom.

I have been doing this for the last 25 years in my village in Palghat. The size of my wealth was nothing compared to what it is today, yet I was doing that. I have been feeding the poor and the elderly two times a day for the last 25 years, but I don’t like to talk about it.

Recently I decided that my geography of work will be the place where I was born, the Kizhakkancherry Panchayat in Palghat district. We did a study in the two panchayats to find out how many people there were really poor: we found that there were 3,000 families living below the poverty line.

So, my focus is on these 3,000 families — the education of their children, their health conditions, their housing, water, sanitation, and, finally, their employment.

I have put a time target of 8-10 years for the socio-economic empowerment of these 3,000 families. About 12,000 people will benefit from this. I am like a father to these 3,000 families. They are like my extended family.

Educating and rehabilitating people

At the Sobha Academy that we started last July, we follow the ICSE syllabus and provide free education and maintenance — that include three meals, uniform and books to all the students. I expect to educate 2,000 students. We take students only from the impoverished families in the locality.

The biggest challenge for me will be creating employment for these 3,000 families where they live. If I set up a business in these two panchayats, it will not be to make money. I will not even drink a cup of tea from that business. The entire money will go to their benefit.

I will not own even one inch of land in these two panchayats. If I create a business vertical there, it will only be to benefit them. It is easy for me to take them out elsewhere but I want to avoid migration. Migration should be avoided if we want to empower rural India.

No amount of money can give me the kind of satisfaction I get when I see these little children in uniform. It fills my heart.

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  1. 1
    Anandan Says:

    Sobha had been consistently cheating its customers. Starting with the one-sided agreement, terrible accounting system that they have which operates to their benefit, everything, literally everything, that they do or interact with you, you will be taken for a ride. They charge you 18% interest for even single day delay whereas they won’t pay compensation if you have any modifications! No one is dumb to understand this clause that they are directly saying that don’t expect any compensation.

    I had been a strong advocate against buying property with Sobha. I had suggested/influenced at least 12 of my friends and colleagues not to buy property with Sobha. These folks had finalized on the Sobha property and after I shared my experience they were shell shocked and now went with other builders.

    So if you want to help your friends, who are in the process of buying or even to people who may buy the property some day in their life, let them know and understand a group called SOBHA, the cheaters! They are better-off with other builders such as Mantri or Prestige and even medium sized developers!

  2. 2
    battakiran Says:

    Most of the major corporations do these kind of cheats in the name of rules & agreements at some point of thier life. Do you think all of the present customers are fools to select Sobha developers even though they have better alternatives?

  3. 3
    sabu Says:

    hi nice

  4. 4
    Ritesh Kumar Says:

    I am extremely happy with my Sobha apartment and the services rendered to me during the sale. Just to let others know so that they aren’t misguided by other comments here, Sobha is by far one of the best builders in India. Their construction and finishes is something they do not compromise on. I feel that people like Anandan should just stop badmouthing great builders such as Sobha and get on with his own life.

  5. 5
    Ulhas Menon Says:

    I saw the site while serching for “MENON” in Google.
    I heard about Mr P N C Menon and the charity works. I thought its a mith till I read the site.
    Keep doing thegood work. And Buest of Luck.

  6. 6
    Hari Says:

    Can someone mail me the contact no / email id of PNC Menon.

  7. 10
    Annu Says:

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    Jijo k george Says:

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    nd about his view of charity …..
    im proud about that im a villeger of his too….

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    Anonymous Says:

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    sunil Says:

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    Anonymous Says:

    Am a Amway distributer , amazing you am proud a malayalee after visit your birth place mollamkodu . in 17 th jan 2010

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    anil kumar Says:

    I heard about Mr P N C Menon and the charity works. I thought its a mith till I see your birth place moolamkodu in 17 th jan 2010.. am a amway distributer.. i feel the power of your dream . congrats !!! … i hope you shuld permit me to visit your another project in this place… i hope your replay…

    • 17

      I wish Shoba should also construct affordable homes at Pune. Its strategy of concentrating on high cost homes needs to be re-looked. Pune has more than 10 Lakhs Malayalees and Menon needs to do something better for Pune by making atleast very affordable homes for Pune Malayalees and needs to get involved with them through CSR activities. I look forward for the day Shoba joinging and supporting Pune Malayalees dreams of owing a home in Pune with most affordable home schemes from Pune with highest quality on offer.


  13. 19
    K.Prabhakaran Nair Says:

    I am a retired professor settled in Trichur with my spouse. I have heard a lot about the Social commitment of Mr. P.N.C.Menon to the people of his native village, Kizhakkanchery and had the fortune to visit the hermitage for old. Shoba academy for the children of BPL families of his native village and the Medical facilities attached to this I was greatly impressed by his commitment to the society. It is laudable and I earnestly wish him all success in his endevours. I have a suggestion to make. If you could add to your list an old age home for the destitute people offering basic need of food,accomodation and medical care, it will be an act of god. The facilities in the hermitage for old is five star and it goes only for a couple of dozen people.

  14. 20
    A.A. JOSE Says:

    The real life story of Mr.PNC Menon is, indeed, inspiring. It is however a replica of the stories of most of successful Keralites outside Kerala who would create history when they are forced to leave Kerala to fend for their living. Ironically, one would hardly find any such story of a Keralite living in Kerala, mainly because of their inborn bent of mind for getting involved in and being used by the Political Parties/politicians. It is high times for us Keralites to mend our old ways and work for the betterment of our motherland taking inspiration from the admirable life story of Mr.PNC Menon.

    I pray to the Almighty Lord to bless more and more Keralites to emulate the qualities of Mr.PNC

  15. 21
    A.A. JOSE Says:

    The real life story of Mr.PNC Menon is, indeed, inspiring. It is however a replica of the stories of most of successful Keralites outside Kerala who would create history when they are forced to leave Kerala to fend for their living. Ironically, one would hardly find any such story of a Keralite living in Kerala, mainly because of their inborn bent of mind for getting involved in and being used by the Political Parties/politicians. It is high times for us Keralites to mend our old ways and work for the betterment of our motherland taking inspiration from the admirable life story of Mr.PNC Menon.

    I pray to the Almighty Lord to bless more and more Keralites to emulate the qualities of Mr.PNC Menon and wish him all success in his future endeavours.


  16. 22
    M.R.Kurup Says:

    There ia no substitute for hard work

  17. 23
    shijomon c j Says:

    I am really inspired by read your history ,
    Mr P.N.C Menon ,wishing u all the best….
    and I am expecting to join with you to know more about your dream in 2011 !!!

  18. 24
    vijayaraghavansinglachar Says:


  19. 25
    PK Velayudhan Says:

    Shri Menon is a great personality, who believes in hard work and integrity and want to give the people ‘value for money for years’. As a businessman he is non-compromising in quality & delivery, which has enabled him to build what all he has today – a business empire, which he started from scratch. He is also a philanthropist, who wants to do everything possible for the up-liftment of poor and downtrodden. 2 years back, I had a chance to visit their office and also some of their Housing projects, which were under construction and some of them were readily available for possession, in Bangalore with a desire to buy a flat. What I found was that though their apartments are expensive as compared to others, however they outweigh others in quality & standard. As my budget did not permit me to buy their apartment, I opted for another apartment in Sarjapur area from another builder, who also happened to be a Malayali builder.

    We are so proud that Shri PNC Menon has shown the world what a Malayali can do with sheer confidence and hard work. I wish Shri Menon good health, happiness and the very best in life.

  20. 26
    Rtn PHF NNK Menon Says:

    Being the President of Rotary Club of Kunnamkulam, I know very well the
    magnificent progress made by RTn P.N.C. Menon whoi is a member of Trichur Central Club. His contribution to uplift his home town, Kizhakkenchery, Palakkad is simply unimaginable. Let Lod Guruvayoorappan give him all the blessings to rise further in his
    future endeavours

  21. 27
    Anil Vaikatil Says:

    I am a hard core fan of Mr.P.N.C.Menon, a genious, patriotic and real God fearing Man. We should be proud of such personalities who is not only thinking of their own families happiness, but helps the poor and the needy…..I salute you Mr. Menon…..Your name will be remembered by crores with Love…

  22. 28
    Sreejith Says:


    i am happy to know about Mr P N C Menon and business life.

    it’s inspiring..

    thank you..


  23. 29
    dilish pillai Says:

    Mr.P N C Menon is a role modle for everybody, a self made man.please continue your charity works,bring more business and jobs to kerala.wishing you all the sucess

  24. 30

    Really it is an amazing experience !!!

    I wholeheartedly congratulate him.

    We want bold and determinate men from the Malayali community, like Mr.Menon, to emerge as global business leaders.I have traveled in 29 countries. Let me say with all reservations – our men are squandering the wealth they earn through drinking and other unholy ways of life. Rarely only people like Mr.Menon , with a clear vision in life, make use of the hard earned money, for betterment of their career, and for charitable causes.

    Let Lord Guruvaayoorappan shower blessings upon Mr.Menon and his family, in profusion.


    09446 220 999

  25. 31
    Nanda Kumar Says:

    I think P.N.C. Menon is doing a wonderful job especially for his village folks. Let us appreciate and congratulate him for this noble work what is doing.
    Criticizing is very easy, but let the person criticizing, state one incident where he/she has supported and helped a lesser priviledged compatriot in his/her entire life.
    We Malayalees are very good in criticizing and clinging to the negative tendancies. It is high time that we work ourselves to change this attitude.

  26. 32
    Ramdas, Bahrain Says:

    Mr. Menon’s Msg shows his Hard works, Dedication on works and Good vissions for the future etc.. This msg will inspire to every Indian especially malayalees….

  27. 33
    Parvathy Mohan Says:

    Wishing you all the best and long life

  28. 34
    Ashish Says:

    I am amazed and thrilled about reading this article about this great person who has worked very hard to reach up to the top.
    Hats off to you sir.

    Kindly also give me some tips to grow in life and achieve success like you have.

    Coincidently my mother hails from Palakkad and my father is from Trichur.

    Hope to meet you some day in life and have the chance of getting knowledge from you.


  29. 35
    Santhosh Antony Says:

    An inspiring one…

  30. 36
    S C Kandath Says:

    What Mr Menon is giving back to the society is more important.
    It is a fashion to be critical and see only the negative aspects. it will be well for these people to look inwardly at themselves, before finding fault with others. It will also be good for them to examine what has been their contribution to the society they live and of which they are part of.
    Long live Mr PNC Menon.

  31. 37
    Gopakumar Says:

    It is really amazing and inspiring; let us give him a big hand. The important thing we should notice here is, he is not simply piling money, he is giving back some of it to the society to which he belongs to, in India we can hardly find such industrialist giving back to the society, at least some of them follow the steps of Mr. Menon, definitely face of rural India will change, the pity ‘BPL’ usage of our politicians also will go.

    Thank you Sir, you are doing a very great job and we are very proud of you, keep on doing the good …..May God Bless You with good health and to live long.

  32. 38
    Madhusudhanan Nair Says:

    The history is really inspiring, may god bless you.

  33. 39
    Satish Says:

    Hard work is the only way in life to reach high. Good Luck Mr.Menon

  34. 40
    Radhakrishnan Says:

    An inspiring story. My children have purchased two apartments from Shobha Builders. They are happy with it.

    I visited his facility at Vadakkencher. Children, from, extemely poor families, school are equally inspiring. They are better than the best of any public school.

    I wish PNC Menon, long life with good health so that he can continue his good work for many more years.

  35. 41
    P.R.Venugopal, Bahrain Says:

    Dear Sir,

    By reading your story though it is the first time i am reading this, really inspired. Your mentality towards the BPL is to be admired though you are in the top billionairs list you are seeing the poor people in the society, this is really something the rich people should follow. By sitting in the air conditioned offices and homes, thinking about the poor ..not everybody is doing, but you are doing that, their education their health and overall their food.. even a government can not look in to all these essential amenities.. you done it. Keep it up sir, I am really proud of you sir, being a keralite we dont have such personalities more but you are great. Thank you sir, on behalf of tousands who are enjoying your blessing i would like to extend whole hearedly BIG BIG thanks to you sir.

    Yours lovingly,

    P.R.Venugopal, Bahrain

  36. 42

    Iam very happy to know about Mr Menon’s background and his present achievements. It is a great thing that menon is doing for his home village people. Iam proud to say that I also belong to the same district. I dont think any other businesman will love his village and devote care to his village people like him. He is a role model to other businees giants. Let the god give good health and long life to him and his family.

  37. 43
    Anonymous Says:

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    great vison…….

  38. 44


  39. 45
    Ananda Crimson Says:

    He is a great visionary in the the field of business and his confidence is matchless indeed. Though he has had a humble financial heritage his tireless work has really paid off and he stands an icon.

    Ananda Crimson

  40. 46
    mohan nayar Says:

    i am proud to be a indian and a malu after reading about my fellow indian.

  41. 47
    Sunil Menon Says:

    Durning one of my recent visit to India I had a chance to visit the site of the Shoba City coming up in Poonkunam, Trissur and the quality of work appeared to be up to International Standards. One needs to see how the maintenance of this city will be done and if it will be of Intl standards with affordable costs? Needless to mention it is a bold step setting up something of this scale in Trissur, Kerala.

  42. 48
    KK Radhakrishnan Says:

    It is a coincident, while going through Mr. Gopal Nair’s mail, I noticed this news item. Really, it is wonderful. If we have few PNC Menons, there may not be any poor man in Kerala. Keep it up Mr. Menon. I wish all the best for your organization.

  43. 49
    MURALI Says:


  44. 50
    Mohanan Nair Says:

    I had the opportunity to come in close contact with Shri PNC Menon during my 28 years service with the Ministry of Oil and Gas, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. as well as my association with a carpentry, construction and trading company. I found Shri Menon very helpful, hard working, quality conscious, maintained friendship and high morale in spite of his steady business growth. In fact PNC can be taken as a role-model entrepreneur for equally honoring his social responsibilities. I wish him all the very best in all his new ventures.

  45. 51
    Anonymous Says:


  46. 52
    karpaka_rajan_v_chettiar Says:

    let the mini-biography of Mr. Menon be an inspiration for all aspirers. good luch

  47. 53
    sajeev Says:

    The history is really inspiring, may god bless you.

    by sajeev t.a,tile mason,qatar,doha

  48. 54
    sajeev t a Says:

    .hearty congratulations on your success.

    by sajeev t.a,tile mason,qatar,doha

  49. I hail from Mr Mennon”s village and my grand father is from hi s father”s family (Panampully) I have heard of him. He is a selfmade man with abundance blessing of almighty. He is a Karma yogi of his own way. I wish him all the best.

  50. 56
    murali kuwait Says:

    Mr. Menon is doing a great job. Our dirty politicians who even though having sources and power is doing nothing to the community, should learn from him.

    Murali Q8

  51. 57
    Sathya, Bangalore Says:

    Inspiring Mr.Menon !!

  52. 58
    shoban Says:

    hi sir , the story about u is not mentioned elaborately so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz mention few details in ur billionaire diary

  53. 59
    Santhosh Says:

    Dear Shri P.N.C. Menon,

    I came to Saudi Arabia on 2004 when I had never heard about you , but the ideology of yours and my is somewhat similar which is there in my heart long before , more than money making I believe that I should make money for fulfilling my certain aim in charity which I believe it’s my Karma, which I have promised to my Lord Guruvayoorappan.
    6 years back i came in a small job in a hospital as street boy to give notices of the hospital advertisement to people in street in the gulf extreme climate without any air condition, Now I am a small business man with an annual turnover of my institution of 4 million riyal ( Approximately 6 crore rupees) , but I promise you on the name of god that soon I will follow your path of charity in a big scale , I am entering into new ventures soon in Saudi which I need your blessing to achieve my aim, please pray for me,
    Sir will I pray to god that Let god give you all time satisfaction in your Karma ,


  54. 60
    A.Sivakumar Says:

    I am a ex employee of Sobha developers.i have started my carrier with sobha.they trained me a lot and made a good qulaity conciaous and better work manship.They are verymuch professional in doing the building.

  55. 61
    shabeer Says:

    Nice article….

    interesting and inspiring………….

  56. 62
    ramesh Says:

    Service done to poor is the service done to god,this is what god loves ,god give Mr menon a healthy long life to serve the poor.


  57. 63
    kk vibin . kinassery palakkad Says:

    Hard work is the only way in life to reach high. Good Luck Mr.Menon

  58. 64
    N Madhavankutty Says:

    Respected Sir

    When I came to Muscat in 1989, one of my room mates always say something about Sri Menon and the Services & Trade Company, the immaculate facility and the prestigeous jobs they were undertaking in the Sultanate of Oman. It was something heartening to hear that a Malayalee is doing this business as I am yet to understand the business houses in the Sultanate of Oman.

    After sometime I came to know the Kalyana Mandapam at Mulamkode was donated by him, I was deeply attached that this stalwart is from my neighbour village. Later on I understood that my school mates who are now in Bangalore know him very well.

    However Mr Menon’s name is always there in the small talk of the people even living at the labour camp in Muscat and it is very kind of this great man to do various things for the charity of the downtrodden and poor people.

    We may pray for his long life and continued prosperity.

    Madhavankutty, Muscat

  59. 65
    gopinath menon Says:

    awesome Mr menon

    absolutely u stand tall about many gulf returnees who didnt make anything .
    Sheer hard work , grit and determination

    hats off to u sir

    gopi menon

  60. 66
    Karthika Says:

    Sir……You are really a role model for those who have sufficient money but not the will to contribute it for the well being of the society……….more than a successful entrepreneur, I’ll say you are really a successful human being……….Your view of charity is truly touching………….May god bless you in the future also……………..

  61. 67

    Respected Sir,

    After reading your successful story, one thing I understood that there is no compensation for Hard Work with sincere and devotion. I have seen you from Chottanikkara Temple in 2006 when you came there. At that time I am working (automation of temple administration) representing to another software company.

    I heard that you are giving charity and helping sufferers.

    I am praying to go to the top leader in india in the near future.

    Sunil Varma

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