India-US n-deal will alter regional power balance: Dhaka daily

The India-US civil nuclear deal ‘will dramatically alter the strategic landscape and balance of power’ in the South Asian region, a Dhaka daily has said.

‘The implications for countries like Bangladesh are considerable, and this deal now going through should precipitate sober and serious reflection as to what the impact on bilateral and regional relations will be,’ The Daily Star said in an editorial on Thursday.

‘…this is something that will need to be looked at very closely by Bangladeshi policy-makers,’ the newspaper said, after Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Tuesday won the confidence vote on the issue.

‘We shall comment separately on the merits of the deal as we see them, both for India and for the region, specifically for what it means for us in Bangladesh,’ the editorial said.

The English language daily expressed ‘satisfaction’ at the outcome of the trust vote won by the Manmohan Singh government ‘with a wider than expected margin’.

‘Felicitations are due to the Indian prime minister, who had essentially staked his entire premiership on this deal and was vindicated by the 275-256 victory with ten abstentions,’ the newspaper said.

‘The Congress-led UPA alliance will now be on firmer footing in the Lok Sabha for the balance of its tenure and the victory should give it a shot in the arm for the upcoming parliamentary elections, scheduled to be held within the next year,’ it observed.

On the allegations made by the Indian opposition ‘of vote buying and horse trading’, it said Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee had already ordered an inquiry, ‘although we have yet to see any evidence that we find persuasive presented thus far’.

‘For the present, let us congratulate the Indian prime minister on the successful stewardship of his bold policies, and India itself can take gratification in how the entire furore was handled and ultimately disposed of in parliament, as such things should be done in a democracy,’ the newspaper said.

Courtesy :- Yahoo


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