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Andhra boasts of producing maximum IITians

September 30, 2008

Andhra Pradesh breeds the most number of IITians in the country. At least the JEE organizing committee’s report to MHRD proves so. This year the maximum number of students qualifying for IIT from a single state – 1,697 – came from Andhra Pradesh with Uttar Pradesh following next with 1,194 students out of a total of 5,524 successful candidates.

According to the data compiled after the joint entrance examination (JEE) in 2007, Andhra had given the highest number of students to IITs – 1,384. According to IIT veterans, Andhra Pradesh has been on the top of the state-wise list of qualifying students in the last few years.

“This has been a general perception among all IITians that number of students coming to IIT from AP is more than from other state. The main reason for it is that Hyderabad is a major hub of coaching centres like Kota. And I must say, these coaching centres are doing a great job in training students for IIT JEE,” said M S Anand, director, IIT-Chennai.

According to IIT professors, many students from south India migrate to Hyderabad for coaching and manage to crack JEE. So the students coming from Andhra Pradesh may not necessarily be natives. Most of them are known to go for a seat in IIT Chennai or IIT Bombay. And, with IIT Hyderabad debuting this year under the mentorship of IIT Chennai, the number is expected to go up.

“Students in Andhra Pradesh did not have an IIT till now. But they studied really hard and usually joined Chennai or Bombay. But of late, it seems most of them are going to IIT-Bombay. They say they like the food there better!” remarked Anand. Surprisingly, only 202 out of 9,929 students qualified from Tamil Nadu itself.

According to R Chattopadhyay, JEE chairperson, IIT-Delhi, this trend has come up in the last couple of years. “Once the students join the classes, nobody knows who comes from where because they all mingle so well. But the figures in the last two years have shown that most students qualify from Andhra. Many students also travel to Hyderabad for coaching adding to the number,” he said. According to IIT officials, while IIT Delhi mostly gets students from north India in BTech, there are many students from Andhra Pradesh in the MTech course.

As for the maximum number of students appearing for JEE, UP leads the pack with 72,028 students appearing for JEE 2008 while 57,488 in 2007. Bihar also had a huge number of IIT aspirants – 30,490 this year and 14,854 in 2007 – however, unlike UPSC exams, they could not take IITs by storm. While 533 qualified this time, 146 were successful last year.

Courtesy :- Times Of India


Study centres in AP exploit IIT dream

September 26, 2008

As much as 40 per cent of students who crack the IIT entrance exam every year come from Andhra Pradesh.

The craze for IIT has risen so much in the state that it has become a status symbol for parents to make their boy or girl prepare and crack the entrance exam.

However, it means business for some who in the name of IIT coaching manage to run a chain of coaching centres, flouting norms of not just building but also teaching.

Residential Junior College, like most others in Andhra Pradesh, offers coaching for the IIT entrance exam. The students stay on from seven in the morning till seven in the evening or longer, with a half-hour lunch break. As per rule number 18 of the education department, a college should have only six hours of teaching. “After 7 pm, we stay to clear doubts and that can be for however long,” says Charath, a student.

Another college in Hyderabad flouts rule number four of the education department, which says no cinema hall or liquor outlet should be within 100 yards of a college. Apart from this, rule number seven is violated too because there is no campus and rule number eight flouted because there is no fire safety. A narrow staircase is the only in and out of building. Yet, the college is easily the biggest name in intermediate education in the city.

The education minister admitted to NDTV that the thousands of unrecognised colleges couldn’t be doing thriving business without the connivance of his department.

“The RIO is also partly responsible for not taking notice of this. We will take action against the officers in-charge. We will definitely take action against unauthorised colleges,” said Chenga Reddy, Higher Education Minister.

Educationists point out that there are more than 8000 unrecognised private junior colleges in Andhra Pradesh. Many have come up in the last three years. They cash-in on the anxiety of students and parents to crack the IIT exam.

What most parents fail to check is whether there is competent faculty to match the college’s claim and advertisements, and whether the college is legal and recognised by the government.

Courtesy :- NDTV