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Pay Re 1/call, talk as long as you want – Gift from Tata Indicom

September 2, 2009

Telecom major Tata Indicom on Tuesday launched a ‘pay per call’ plan for its pre-paid subscribers, in which subscribers will have to

pay fixed charge on a per-call basis both for local and STD usage, regardless of the call duration.

“Our pre-paid subscribers will pay a fixed charge of Re 1 per local call and Rs 3 for STD calls for unlimited duration, said MD of Tata Teleservices Anil Sardana while launching the new tariff system. Tata Indicom operates CDMA-based¬†mobile services in the country and has a customer base of 40 million subscribers.

The new tariff system, which will intensify the rate war, is valid on all calls made by Tata Indicom subscribers to “any mobile phone

or landline connection on any network”, said a statement issued by Tata. The new offer has also cut SMS charges to 50 paise per SMS for both local and national messages.

The service is available to all new Tata Indicom connections and existing customers can adopt the offer with a one-time recharge of Rs 96. The statement said, all subscribers who opt for it will be charged a daily fee of Re 1 to avail the option.

However, the new tariff will not be available to the post paid subscribers. The company may introduce it for the post paid customers also after assessing its success among the pre-paid customers.

COO of NCR region of Tata Teleservices Vineet Bhatia said, “The product is the result of research and studies to understand consumer trends and usage patterns.” He added customers who opt for this plan will no longer have to worry about the cost every minute of a call. “Also, the fact that this offer is for both local and STD calls makes it unique, something that holds the potential to completely redefine the Indian telecom pricing paradigm,” he said.

Courtesy:- Times Of India


Free local calls, STD at 15p/min If govt allows domestic net telephony

June 24, 2008

Phone CallThanks to the ubiquitous Internet, your telephone bill can be drastically trimmed. The Internet Service Providers Association of India (ISPAI) claims that STD calls can be offered at 15 paise/minute and local calls can be free on the same network, if the government permits unrestricted domestic internet telephony.

The Internet Service Providers (ISPs) claim that they can offer free local calls in case of own network (that is, within the network of a particular internet service provider) and 10 paise per minute for calls on other IP network. “ISD call rates can further come down to 50 paise per minute on same IP network, and in other IP network 75 paise. And if you want to call on a mobile or fixed line from an IP phone, STD call rates can be offered at 50 paise per minute,” the ISPAI claims. The association has members such as Sify, Net4, HFCL, HCL Infinet, RailTel, Spectranet and Tulip IT Services.

Currently, STD call rates on mobile networks are about Re 1 per minute while local rates range from 80 paise to Rs 1. Operators such as Airtel and Vodafone charge Re 1.50 and Re 2.75 per minute for a STD call whereas a call from India to the US or UK costs cheaper at 95 paise per minute, or lower through the internet protocol (IP) telephony. The same call to the US or UK through a mobile cost Rs 6.40.


Interestingly, many telecom operators currently route their domestic calls through the IP network. Says ISPAI president Rajesh Charria, “As admitted by many operators, they are routing the call through the IP networks and still charging exorbitant call rates.” Global giants such as Google, AT&T, Cisco, Microsoft and Nortel are backing the ISPs in their demand for allowing unrestricted IP telephony.

It’s interesting to note that IP telephony in most developed markets such as the US, Singapore is unregulated, resulting in drastic fall in call rates. For instance, a $2.5 (Rs 100) calling card offers a 30 minute call to India from US which comes to a per minute rate of Rs 3.33 for an ISD call from US to India. Whereas in India, the mobile operators offer the same call at double the price for a call to the US. Some others offer India calling at 4.2 cents per minute or Rs 1.60 per minute, almost one-sixth the ISD rate offered by operators in India.

Courtesy :- Economic Times